Cleaning up a kitchen comprises many small yet daunting chores. Just imagine that you are super tired, but your kitchen is upside down. The mess can get on your nerves, especially if you are tired and hungry. However, if you delay all that for the next day, it would be hard to step in and cook a nice breakfast the next morning. Hence, you would need to get over with cleaning your kitchen before you lay down and rest. Nonetheless, wouldn’t it be great to cut down a few tasks from that checklist? Well, with the use of a splash screen, you may be able to do that.

What’s A Splash Screen?

A splash screen is a circular pan cover made out of silicone polymer. The area spanning the cover is perforated with small holes. You can use a splash screen to cover up your pans while cooking.

You can buy splash screens with different sizes for various sizes of pans in your utensil collection. On the other hand, you can opt for a universal size splash screen. This is often bigger than the open area of your pans to cover them with ease.

Why Use A Splash Screen?

The primary purpose of the screen is to stop grease from splashing out of the pan. Well, you can do that with a lid or any other cover. However, using a lid will trap the steam. Thus, it will steam up the food that was meant to be fried or seared. This is where a splash screen can help, as small holes on the screen will let the steam escape as you continue to fry your bacon for your breakfast.

In a nutshell, this screen will entrap the grease droplets looking to sneak out. However, it will allow steam to escape the scene.

What Are The Advantages Of A Splash Screen?

If you have read all this way, you know how a splash screen could benefit you. Still, we will go on and describe two primary advantages of a splash screen.

No Grease Splash Or Marks:
When grease stays where it should, you won’t find any unwanted droplets on your stovetop. Hence, without this greasy mess, you can cut down the task of cleaning greasy stoves from your list. Eventually, all these things matter when you can get to your dining table or bed a bit earlier.

No Nasty Grease Burns:
If grease droplets land on your stove, you can work around that. However, we all know the anguish and pain that follows when the hot grease drop lands on your skin. Thus, a splash screen can halt all that by trapping in the hot grease droplets.


Most of us don’t know about the splash screen. However, using it can make kitchen cleaning a lot more bearable. Nonetheless, if you don’t have time or energy to tackle all the kitchen mess, we are here to help. The Cleanup services can take care of all your household cleaning tasks. For more inquiries, call us at (832)-228-5956.