Although dusting is a mundane task, it is essential for many households. Your house requires regular dusting for your wellbeing and the health of your family. Apart from that, dusting will also ensure the optimum working of your household electronics. Thus, to emphasize the need for light and clean dusting, we shall discuss how dust actually affects you, your family, and your electronics.

What is Dust?

Dust is essentially a mixture of various elements. However, the majority of the dust comprises dead skin cells. Hence, it is the concentration of these dead cells that give dust its iconic brown color. Moreover, apart from dead cells, dust also includes hairs, dirt, and pollen. Hence, the composition of dust makes us realize what lay hidden in those sneaky “dust bunnies”.

Dust bunnies is the term coined for large volumes of dust. These start to form behind furniture or hard-to-reach places. Hence, its location allows them to build up in volume over time.

How Does Dust Affect You And Your Loved One?

Luckily, humans are quite habitual of dust, but that doesn’t mean that we make our dusty home a new norm. This is because dust can be quite a nuisance for our respiratory systems. Here is how a dusty environment causes trouble:


    • Inhaling dust in the air will later cause the lungs to push out the intruders with fits of cough.


    • Dead particles or pollen in the dust can react with the immune system of some individuals. Such a reaction can lead to classic allergic symptoms, such as red eyes.

Hay Fever:

    • Hay fever is a type of allergic reaction to excess pollen in the environment.


    • Apart from minor inconveniences, the accumulation of dust can also cause some significant and noticeable health issues. For example, dust can irritate those with asthma. Hence, a clean and dust-free home becomes an obligation for those who have asthma.

Why Are Your Electronics Not Safe From Dust?

America is a tech-savvy society with a household possessing an average of 25 electronics. Therefore, it is essential to discuss how dust interacts with these day-to-day electronics.

First of all, dust can settle in open ports and clog them, causing a poor connection. In addition to that, dust can lead to low conductivity and sometimes cause heating issues.

Consequently dust in electronics will not cause a breakdown right away, but it can still produce performance issues.

Clean Up to the rescue:

From time and time again in this article, we showed you the perks of dust-free homes. Unfortunately, that’s not readily achievable. We are not questioning your capability to clean your own home. Instead, it’s an issue of time and planning. While you are preoccupied with many vital tasks, dusting can easily be dragged down to the bottom of your to-do list. Therefore, give us a chance to organize your home and transform it into a speckless and dustless abode. Hence, to enlist the help of professionals, call Clean Up at (832) 228-5956, and we will get everything sorted right away.