Stains are never good news. Luckily, you can get rid of them using your detergent and water. However, some can be obstinate, and they are here to stay. Whether it is your clothes, carpets, or polished tabletops, some stains will leave a mark. Hence, what are these stains, and why are they so tough? Moreover, what can you do to remove these tough stains? Therefore, without further ado, let’s dive into this definitive guide of tough stain removal.

Hot Cocoa:
Who doesn’t love chocolate and hot milk? At times these can be such a stress reliever. However, you won’t feel so affectionate when hot cocoa drips onto your carpet. This is because chocolate leaves a dark and tough stain. Chocolate is already tough because of the high amount of proteins and fat, but adding milk to the mixture increases their concentration. Overall, the deadly combo of chocolate and milk can leave behind some stubborn stains. However, hope is not lost as long as you have access to cold water; soak the stain in cold water until the visible marks start to diminish. Then switch to lukewarm water and detergent to break down fats and proteins, in turn, you break down the stain into oblivion.

Tea And Coffee:
Tea and coffee are notorious stainers. They can even stain those pearly whites of yours, so your shirt or carpet is of no match. Their incredible ability to leave an unpleasant reminder of your last tea time comes from an organic plant chemical called tannins. Again start with cold water rinse or dab, and it will be better if you add vinegar to the cleaning solution. Then soak the stain with a pretreatment solution and wait for a few minutes. After that, mop the area and vacuum it.

Blood contains red blood cells, which are responsible for the dark red color. Moreover, the iron these cells contain oxidizes when exposed to air, so the iron passes on a reddish-brown stain. Therefore, bloodstains are no joke, as they leave behind a stain that darkens with time. Thus, you need to act quickly and rinse or dab the area with cold water. Modern detergents have special formulas to deal with blood stains, so if you have one of those, it’s a great time to use them.

Tomato Ketchup Or Tomato Sauce Stain:
Nothing beats this tangy side serve, and nothing beats its stain. Again, the tomato has tannins in it, and where there are tannins, there will be tough stains. You need to go for coldwater rinse and wash, and then use detergent to remove the stain. After that, if the stain still persists, use a vinegar solution to cut your way through it.

Most of the stains are stubborn because of the protein and fats they contain. Hence, all removal strategies involve cold water rinse or dab because hot water locks in the proteins. Thus, it means your worst nightmare will come true as the stain becomes permanent. Hence, cold water is your only resort. Are you bored or busy with your household chores? Then Clean Up is here to help; you can call us at (832)-228-5956.