You know you need a cleaner space. But which house cleaning service will get you there? Choosing your service depends on your space, budget, and overall home goals. Read on to learn how to find a house cleaning service that’s just right for your needs.

Light Cleaning

If you are generally tidy but short on time, then a light cleaning is best for you. This service is designed for people who already keep their homes generally clean, but could use a little extra help. During a light cleaning, a professional will dust, scrub, and wipe down surfaces. They will also make beds, take out the garbage, and handle other smaller cleaning tasks.

Standard Cleaning

As the name suggests, our standard cleanings are designed for most people. We don’t judge. In fact, we understand that cleaning takes a lot of time and energy! A standard cleaning includes the services listed above, as well as some extra services to help you straighten up. Generally speaking, a light cleaning is designed for people who already clean their own homes, whereas a standard cleaning is for people who struggle to clean regularly.

Deep Cleaning

Need to take cleaning to the next level? Our deep clean is designed to thoroughly clean, deodorize, and disinfect your space. Lots of homeowners opt for a deep clean several times a year to get their home sparkling clean. This is also a great option for people who are getting their homes professionally cleaned for the first time.

Custom Cleaning

In addition to our cleaning packages, we also offer a la carte room cleaning. This allows you to truly customize your cleaning experience. With a la carte cleaning, you can hire someone to tackle the biggest messes in your home while you handle the rest. It’s all up to you!

We Make it Easy!

Use CleanUp to easily book your house cleaning service with a professional, verified cleaner. Our app connects you to cleaners in the area, saving you the time and guesswork of finding a person for the job. Explore our website to learn more.