Stains are mood spoilers and party spoilers. However, there are a few things in your cabinet that can spoil a stain’s mood. These can help you curb even some of the most obstinate stains organically. Therefore, you don’t need to fret about harsh chemicals ruining your carpet or scraping off your wall’s paint. Hence, without further ado, let’s discuss a few stain cleaners that you can find in your cupboard.

Baking Soda:

It’s not only your baking ally, but it will defend you against stains. It can easily cut through stubborn stains, such as grease, oil, gravy, and even stains like feces or vomit. Baking soda is slightly alkaline, and a change in PH causes molecules to break down. However, in case that’s exactly what we want. Baking soda softens the hold of stains on the surface so you can easily get rid of them after a wash.

You can turn soda into a paste by adding water to it. Then apply the paste to the stain, let it sit. After some time, wash the area. In this way, you can clean your carpet or remove crayon marks from the walls.


Vinegar is a laundry champion for light persistent stains of sweat. You can use it on other surfaces, but be careful when using vinegar. Vinegar can bleach some surfaces, making them lose their luster. Other than that, it can eat away some surfaces like limestone surfaces.

You can use vinegar to scrub off tough and bright stains, such as tomato stains. The science behind vinegar cleaning is similar to that of baking soda. This is because vinegar also changes PH, which in turn causes a molecular breakdown.


Salt is great at soaking fresh gravy spills. All you need to do is sprinkle some salt on the blot. Then allow the salty magic to occur. Salt likes to absorb things. When you leave it exposed to air, it starts to absorb moisture. However, sprinkling salt on a gravy stain soaks the oil and grease. Thus, you will notice the stain starts to shrink in size. Eventually, it will disappear. However, if it doesn’t disappear, wash the remains of the stain, and your cloth will be good as new. You can use it while washing your clothes to revamp their lost shine.

Meat Tenderizers:

We use meat tenderizers so that the steak is cooked to juicy perfection. However, you can also use it to wash your clothes or surfaces to perfection. Meat Tenderizers have the ability to break down protein molecules. Consequently, it can easily break down stains originating from our bodily fluids, especially bloodstains. Rub the tenderizer mixture on the stain and let it sit there for a while. Then proceed to wash the cloth.


We have great organic stain stainers in our closets. Not only are they good at their job, but they also are not harsh. Hence, before choosing a strong stain remover, give these a chance. Are you fed up with your pile of house chores, then Clean Up App is here to help. Call us at (832)-228-5956 to book an appointment.