At times we don’t feel like dusting our home, but deep down, we know the importance of dusting. Therefore, to fight our procrastination, we should try to transfer that information from our subconscious mind to our conscious one. Consequently, when you can vividly recall the benefits of dusting, you can gather enough motivation to stand up and get ready with your dusting gear. However, is it time for light dusting, or you have deep dusting dues to clear?

The Importance Of Dusting:

Before we elaborate on the method and routine for deep and light dusting, let’s discuss the importance of dusting, so you know what’s at stake.

A dust-free home is quite essential to foster a healthy and productive home environment. On the other hand, dusty homes can lead to all kinds of problems ranging from a mild nuisance to severe complications.

  • Dust carries allergens that can cause mild reactions such as red eyes or coughing.
  • It also includes pollen, and these pollen can induce a severe allergic reaction known as hay fever.
  • Dust can cause respiratory irritation that can provoke coughing fits and shortness of breath in asthma patients.
  • It can also be hard on electronics, especially those with open ports and sockets. Eventually, dust can settle in ports and cause connection issues or heating problems.

Nevertheless, one can avoid mentioned problems if they religiously follow a dusting routine. We can separate the act of dusting into two parts: heavy dusting and light dusting. Henceforth, when you incorporate both types in your routine, you can easily maintain a speckless home.

Light Dusting:

As the name suggests, it is an easy go-to form of dusting. Where you dust the readily accessible areas of your home. Consequently, when light dusting requires little effort, you can get it done in a short time. Therefore, you can easily squeeze it into your busy schedule.

Moving forward, a question arises, how often should you dust lightly around the house? It would be best to try and dust around for a minimum of three to four days a week. However, you would need to amp up your dusting days if you own pets.

Deep Dusting:

On the contrary to a light dusting, deep dusting does require effort and time from your side. Therefore, most homeowners try deep dusting two to three times a year when the seasons change or when their workload is manageable.

During deep dusting, homeowners shift their furniture a bit so they can access the sneaky hideouts of dust bunnies (a large accumulated mass of dust). In addition to cleaning around pieces of furniture, you can try to blow dust away from exposed electronics in your home, like your personal computer. Therefore, to make the most out of deep dusting, you can start by making a list of locations that remain untouched during light dusting episodes.


Cleaning and maintaining your home is undoubtedly a daunting task, and a busy routine might just add salt to the injury. However, now you don’t need to worry about deep or even light dusting as the Clean Up App has covered all your dusting needs. Therefore, for more information or booking call us at (832) 228-5956.