Is it time to dust yet? Is it that time of the week? We all have struggled with these questions. First and foremost, dusting is a dreaded task. However, it would be best if you didn’t drag dusting to the bottom of your to-do list. After all, dusting has its own importance, and your house will thank you if you gear up for the task. Therefore, you can’t just skip it or pay lip service; dusting needs to be a part of your routine. Here is the beef of the discussion: How often should you dust?

While we acknowledge the importance of dusting, we don’t ask you to be maniacal about it. You will do just fine if you dust lightly around the house two to three times per month. Nonetheless, you are due deep dusting every six months because you can’t let those dust bunnies grow.

Two to three times a week? That sounds sweet. Well, that should suffice if your household fits our average home persona. However, a slight deviation from the persona, and you might need to amp up the dusting frequency.

Factors That Define How Often You Should Dust:

Your locality: Your home is not separate from its surrounding region, even if you choose to keep windows shut. Clearly, if you live near a desert, your home will be dustier. Hence, you might need to dust around every week.

Sandy localities or bustling neighborhoods tend to pack more dust that can sneak into your house more often. Therefore, you might feel the need to dust frequently in such a locality.

Furry Friends: The hair your pet sheds is a great companion for ‘dust bunnies.’ Human and animal hairs tend to accumulate alongside dust. Hence, the more pets you have, the faster this accumulation will be. Inevitably, you would need to take out time for dusting more often than usual.

‘Dust Bunnies’ Are Not Cute; They Are Gross:

Does two to three times per month still seem too much to you? Let us give you a few reasons to snug dusting in your tight schedule. First of all, what you see layering many surfaces is more than grains of sand. Dust also comprises dead human cells, bacteria, and fungi. At times, these microorganisms are nothing more than a nuance, but some of them can be potentially dangerous.

Secondly, too much dust in the air can also lead to respiratory irritation and allergies. Furthermore, dust can also harm electric appliances like your P.C or video game console.


A standard household requires dusting at least two to three times per month. However, you might need to increase dusting days if you live in a messier neighborhood or have pets.

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